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NetScan X is an Ad-Supported Software and available to be downloaded for free through a 3rd party portal. To download please follow the sign up instructions below to receive your copy of NetScan X for Windows, Mac, Android or iOS

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How to Download NetScan X Software

Enter your Email to create an Account to use NetScan X with and select the Operating System that you would like to receive a Free License for. Click Continue and then hit the ‘Download’ button.

Now you’ve landed on the 3rd party download protal. Create an Account using the same email there (so we can match it) and choose a unique password just for the download portal.

Verify your personal info to activate your Free Membership. Some information is needed to that the download portal can confirm who is using their site however you do not have to pay anything

After you’ve successfully signed up you can head over to your downloads library and find NetScan X there. Simply Install it on your device and you are good to go!